SORRY WE’RE OPEN: “Sisters, Sisters & Friends”

Sunday, 18.09.2016
15:00h at Teatro Munganga, Schinkelhavenstraat 27, Amsterdam  €5 (includes dinner)
SORRY WE'RE OPEN presents a joyful intergenerational and intersectional gathering of four decades of feminist self-organization by and for migrant and refugee women in Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

Through the anecdotes, images and webs of connections of and between organizations and collectives such as Zami, Sister Outsider, Strange Fruit & Friends and VON (Dutch Asylumseekers' Organisation) Vluchtelingenvrouwen, the program offers a look into recent and historical traces of structures and struggles, that reflect and represent a rich history of women´s solidarity and initiatives.

Our guests are writers, researchers, artists, activists, women's advocate, and organizers, such as: Bibi Fadlalla, Simone Zeefuik, Nancy Jouwe, Anne Krul,
Shukri, Alem Desta, et al.

A wonderful and informal dinner will be prepared by chef and baker Eline Ex.

Teatro Munganga
By origin from Brazil, Teatro Munganga is a theater group with a small theater venue and a traveling theater bus. Next to staging their own theater productions, Teatro Munganga hosts other artists' theater plays, readings, film screenings, dance performances, workshops and courses at Casa Munganga. Teatro Munganga offers activities for all ages.

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Image: Zami Awards (1995). In the photo: Anne Krul, Tanhya Mendeszoon, Angela Davis, Astrid de Vrueh (c) Marije van Mierlo, Atria—Kennisinstituut voor Emancipatie en Vrouwengeschiedenis