SORRY WE’RE OPEN: “Next Generation Speaks” Writing & Performance workshop hosted by Warrior Poets

Friday, 23.09.2016
17:00h until 19:00h at The F Word Festival @ Bollox, De Binnenpret, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam  €0






Organiser, poet and performer Elisabeth Severino Fernandes (Mama's Open Mic) and slam poet and performer Samira Saleh will give a poetry workshop inspired by their experiences and training during the ‘Next Generation Speaks’ exchange and ‘Youth Talks’ program.

In this workshop Elli and Samira will stimulate your ability to tell stories, to critically and creatively express your voice and to perform your personal narrative to diverse audiences in the form of poetry and spoken word.

Places for the workshop are limited, please sign up via:

Elisabeth Severino Fernandes
was born in Madrid to a Portuguese mother and Dominican father, but grew up in Belgium. Elli is the host and godmother of the notorious Mama’s Open Mic sessions and Grab the Mic stage in Antwerp. Next to organizing, teaching and coaching young talent, she’s a versatile performer and a dedicated social worker in Molenbeek Brussels. Her poetry is an electric blend of her rhythmic Portuguese-Spanish mother tongue, her rebellious spirit and contagious sense of humor.

Samira Saleh
is a badass upcoming poet from the Antwerp scene that translates personal feelings and experiences into slam poetry. Her poetry touches on serious issues but keeps a humorous edge without losing its message. She was part of the Slam 't Stad poetry tournament and performed for different projects all over the country, such as the Female Takeover in a Man's World show, the 44th Women’s Day, Stand & Deliver, Nuff Said and Jazz n' Words.

Warrior Poets
This workshop is organized in collaboration with the Warrior Poets, a Brussels-based collective fueled by litanies for survival. The collective creates open spaces where personal narratives can be shared through poetry and spoken word performances, lectures, music and healing discussions; focusing on decolonizing knowledge and raising intersectional consciousness.

* * * After the workshop, Elli and Samira will perform poetry and spoken word at the opening party of The F Word festival at OCCII (Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam)
Later they will play at B2B2B DJ set together with Lise Vanderpiete and Gia Abrassart of the Warrior Poets: Boogiewomen Crew! Woop woop! * * * 

* * * This is a collaboration between Sorry We're Open and our dear friends of The F Word Festival. * * *

The F Word
is a fantastic feminist festival hosted each year at De Binnenpret. 2 days and 2 nights of workshops, discussion, bands, DJ's, art and all of this in a super relaxed feminist fashion! This year The F Word Festival takes place on Friday 23 September and Saturday 24 September.

De Binnenpret
is a cultural complex in the Schinkelbuurt. 19th century draw horse stables were squatted in 1984. A legalized squat since 1989, De Binnenpret today hosts diverse political and cultural initiatives, such as Teatro Munganga, the concert hall OCCII, or the people's kitchen MKZ.

Photo credit: Esma Alouet