Sorry We’re Open: Conference – “From Camps, Homes, Borders & Laws“

Friday, 23.09.2016
14:00h until 18:00h at Teatro Munganga, Schinkelhavenstraat 27, Amsterdam  €3

The conference From Camps, Hotels, Homes, Borders & Laws explores critically the policies, politics and strategies that colonial, international and local governmental bodies as well as (and often hand in hand with) multi-national corporations have shaped to facilitate the criminalization, controlled or hindered movement of (un)documented persons within society and throughout history. With architect, architectural researcher and anti-colonial writer Samia Henni, feminist writer and instigator Flavia Dzodan and project officer ethnic profiling at Amnesty International, Nawal Mustafa.

Flavia will discuss the way EU immigration policies impact the politics of gender and sexuality in relation to centuries of colonial interventions, racialized bodies and sexual violence. She will discuss the contemporary construction of a European Nation State as a project of Empire resting on colonial notions of purity and who is allowed to belong.

Samia has been working on the legacies between discipline and architecture. During the conference she will discuss the forced resettlements of civilians, the camps, the legacies between WWII and post-war colonial policies, and their return to Central Europe.

Samia Henni
is an architect and an anti-colonial writer. Her main research interest lies within space, violence, and conflict relations, politics, manifestations, and representations.

Flavia Dzodan is a writer and media maker based in Amsterdam. She focuses mostly on European immigration policies, gender and the role of the State in enforcing racial strategies of public administration. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, Global Comment, Dissent Magazine and xoJane among others. She can also be found on Twitter and on her own blog This Political Woman.

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Teatro Munganga
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