The Side Room is an informal initiative, which takes the shape of a nomadic meeting room for intersectional feminist, queer, anti-colonial and anti-racist discourses and practices.

The activities hosted at the Side Room range from consciousness-raising groups to parties, reading groups to workshops, film screenings to non-sense events and absurd rituals, etc.

The Side Room provides room for intimate, ongoing and radical conversations and collaborations; gatherings, listening, learning, experimentation, joy, doubts, musings, and doings.  All events have in common that they nurture and combine radical empathy, critical knowledge production and their rampant sharing, (re-)mixing and practice.

The Side Room is currently the side room to our friends’ bar and microbrewery Butcher’s Tears in Amsterdam and is maintained by Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler.

Currently, the Side Room is made possible through the generous support of Butcher’s Tears; through the in-kind and financial support of our collaborators, guests, sponsors and donors. And partly, the Side Room is self-funded by Amal and Maria.

The Side Room receives funding from the Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam Fund For The Arts and Amsterdam Zuid.