French Kisses: On Tips of Tongues, and Feeling as Taste

Thursday, 17.09.2015Sunday, 20.09.2015
at District Berlin, Bessemerstraße 2-14, 12103 Berlin, as well as other places across Berlin

With Hannah Black, Max Göran, Fred Hystére/Anna Frei, Olive Michel, Andreea Pavel/D.R.E.E.A, Lorenzo Sandoval and Felicia von Zweigbergk

French Kisses: On Tips of Tongues, and Feeling as Taste
is a 4-day gathering of a group of international cultural practitioners, guests, audience and organizers.

The project developed out of the Open Call "Queering TASTE: The art of failure is not hard to master / though it may look like a disaster" and is realized as Act IV of District Berlin's series Curatorial Practices: Fields and Techniques.

French Kisses is an attempt to critically analyze as well as facilitate the framework from which to intervene into the socially segregating modus operandi of taste. French Kisses focuses on the queer art of feeling ‘wrongly‘, the political potential of proximity/intimacy and radical empathy. We aim to develop an understanding of taste which stems not from separateness and social distance/distinction, but from being in touch, from being touched and affected.

All activities and events are open for the interested public.


*** Please RSVP for the events: Locations will be announced upon registration. ***

Thursday 17 September 2015, 5pm

Touching Tones with Tender Buttons – A Touchy Sound-Lecture by Olive Michel & Fred Hystère

Is it us who touch the tones or is it the tones touching us? A collective listening session with blacklight and non-newtonian fluids. Through the nightmares of reduction, the dreams of queer seduction, the staying-in-touch and letting go. Of ringing bodies, the languages of joy and fluidifying modes of representation. Hearing as a way of touching distance, distance as a way of listening closely.

Friday 18 September 2015, 3-9pm

Kissing B2B DJ set + GIRLS LIKE US new issue launch

For a B2B DJ set two or more DJ‘s play together. The DJ's play in turn, sometimes song by song. The DJ‘s complement each other; it is a form of collective and dialogical DJ mixing.

For FRENCH KISSES we extend our invitation to everyone to play kissing songs, songs to kiss to, songs that make people kiss, songs that are kisses, and kisses that are songs.
Please bring the songs you want to play with you on an USB stick.

GIRLS LIKE US new issue launch
Kissing bodies: Together with our friends from the queer, feminist arts magazine GIRLS LIKE US we celebrate the launch of their new body-themed issue.
For the launch event, New York based artist and fame of Berlin’s greatest Kotti-Shop Annette Knol, who is a contributor to the issue, will show materials of her ongoing research around "Lesbian Hands".

Saturday 19 September 2015, 2pm

Intimate afternoon seminar and conversation with writer and artist Hannah Black.

For this seminar Hannah Black will offer thoughts that are a point of departure for a conversation that interweaves intimacy, taste and theory from black, feminist and communist traditions.

Saturday 19 September 2015, 7pm

Giving and Receiving with Andreea Pavel/D.R.E.E.A.

A special early evening listening session that guides us through Pavel's world of nightlife anecdotes, thoughts and music notes. Food and drinks will be provided.

Sunday 20 September 2015, 1pm

The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER) facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval

During this event Lorenzo Sandoval gives us an insight to the activities of the Institute For Endotic Research. TIER looks to the imperceptible of the everyday life, to the visible but hidden details of the space and gestures of the bodies around us. It rescues the astonishment from the forgotten obvious, trapped by its naturalization.

Sunday 20 September 2015, 6pm

"Ohne Pointe, holding hands if you want to"
A sunset Sunday walk across Tempelhof airplane field with Max Göran.
(And I thought it could be nice to fly a kite, because for some reason I never did.)

Beers will be provided.

Image: Felicia von Zweigbergk

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